Welcome to our blog: Here we reported live from our US-trip and shared our impressions. Have fun and stay tuned! If you want to contact us please write an e-mail to: energiescouts@de.ebmpapst.com or use the "comments" function in the blog.

Stay tuned and follow us!

Preparing for the great trip to the US

Hello and welcome to our blog!


The clock is ticking...just three more days to go and we, the Energy Scouts, will start our trip to the US. :-)

We are anxious to finally travel to the US and present our successful project to so many different people. We are really looking forward to this great opportunity! Especially because we would love to help reduce energy consumption.


The last weeks and days have been stuffed with preparations for our journey. Many emails have been sent and we've spent many hours to prepare our presentation. Please keep in mind that we are not native speakers and it is the first time that we are travelling to the US. Of course, this will be quite challenging for us but - as you all might know - challenges are also great opportunities to grow! :-)


We'll keep you posted! :-) 

Until then have fun watching some pics (down below) from one of our practice sessions :-)
Eva-Maria, Lukas, and Timo

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Let's go :-)...

Frankfurt airport, 8.35 am, we're sitting in the plane and are going to take off in a couple of minutes.  See you in the  US!  :)

Day #1: Getting started :-)

Today we visited Sound Manufacturing in Connecticut and met some really nice people. Thank you so much for your hospitality!

We still had a little bit of a jetlag and were quite nervous before our first presentation in the US. Imagine making a presentation in a foreign language -- it's not that easy! But we've made it and we have to admit: it is great fun! :-)

Afterwards they showed us their manufacturing unit and we were able to search their production site for any leaks. We explained our instruments and showed how they worked.  And we even were able to fix some of the leaks! :-)

We also checked the offices for any energy guzzlers and found an empty vending machine which was nevertheless turned on. Please keep in mind that you can save a lot of energy if you unplug all the electrical devices that you don't use.

Have fun taking a look at our pictures -- and remember: we are just getting started and there is more to come! :-)

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Day #2: Spreading our message :-)

ebm-papst US and Trumpf -- here we come! :-)


After a successful first day at Sound Manufacturing we told our colleagues at ebm-papst more about the Energy Scout project. We were happy to answer many questions and had some interesting discussions regarding energy efficiency.  We also shared some of our findings of yesterday's search at the ebm-papst production site.


And we didn't stop there: After a really yummy lunch we went to Trumpf in Farmington. We presented our project and also searched for leaks at their production site. And we even made a new friend who is also a trainee -- a trainee with large puppy eyes: Quinlan, training to become an assistant dog for blind people.



Take a look at the pictures we took and feel free to contact us if you have any comments or questions.

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Day #3: Cheney Tech High School

We had a wonderful day at Cheney Tech High School in Connecticut!


The faculty and students gave us a warm welcome. We presented our project to over a hundred students. Later on the students and some staff members showed us their school and the different shops like carpentry and electricity. They even showed and explained us their "E-House Green Tech Training Site". The "E-House" is a model building with today's most efficient practises of design and construction. The students designed and built it completely on their own. The house incorporates for example an energy efficiency lab, solar photovoltaic and our fans!


Afterwards we had a very yummy and delightful lunch prepared by the school's culinary students. The best part of our visit to the school were certainly the discussions we had with the students who were the same age as we are. It was quite an experience to present our project to people of our age and to see what exciting activities they pursue in order to help save energy and our environment!


And don't you just love our really cool picture with one of those American school busses? Funnily enough the blue of Cheney Tech's busses matched perfectly with the blue of our Energy Scouts' shirts.


@CheneyTech: Thank you so much for this enlightening visit and we hope we'll stay in touch!


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Day #3: GreenDay at ebm-papst USA

The afternoon of our last day in Connecticut we spent at the ebm-papst GreenDay celebrations. Some really nice colleagues organized a vendor fair with local highlights -- like some reeeeally yummy icecream. And did you know that you actually can make soap out of goats' milk? 

We also have to admit that we almost adopted some very cute dogs and cats from the local animal shelter that had a booth at the fair. But we guessed that they wouldn't have liked the flight back to Germany. But it was hard to resist those puppy eyes!

And after we've presented our project to our American colleagues the day before we now had much more time to answer all of their questions. We had a small booth of our own where we showed them how our measuring devices actually worked. Our American colleagues were quite impressed by the large savings in energy and costs that our project had created over the last few years. We even could share with them some numbers of their production site in Farmington: We haven't been one moment lazy and have used the time at ebm-papst USA to check their production for any leaks. And hopefully we helped to plant the seed for a similar project of their own.

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Day #4: Meeting at the UN in NY!

One of the biggest highlights of our trip was definitely our meeting with Mr. Elliott Harris, Head of United Nations Environment Programme New York Office and UN Assistant Secretary-General! Even though he had quite a busy day on the official UN World Environment Day he sat down with us to have a talk about the importance of energy efficiency.  


Because of his excellent German we could even explain the reasons and the goals of the Energy Scout project in German -- you should believe us that talking so much English during the entire week was quite challenging for us, especially because we've never been to the US before. Fortunately Alicia and Clara were always there to help us :-)

Mr. Harris liked our project very much -- especially the part that we as members of the young generations take an active and responsible role in shaping the future of our planet. Climate change is the big challenge for the young generations and we shouldn't get tired of finding new ideas to cope with it. Mr. Harris also liked the fact that our project concentrates on the industry -- espcially because of industry being the biggest energy consumer there is.

All in all, we need more ideas of this kind -- and Mr. Harris encouraged us to think big and to encourage other people to do the same!

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Day #4: Ambassadors of energy efficiency in NY

The last point on our busy schedule was a presentation with Q&A at the German American Chamber of Commerce in New York.


Around 30 people from different universities, the German consulate, companies, and different students participated at our last presentation in the German House right across from the main UN building. Even though we had had a long week and still some jetlag we tried our best to give a great speech. And considering the applause and the large number of questions that were asked afterwards we achieved our goal! Everyone was really interessted in our project and the German dual eductional system that allows us to do such interesting projects.  And a large number of people asked whether there is any possibility that this project also comes to the US.


We certainly hope so!

We would be more than glad if our trip to the USA and our presentations and workshops payed off and would be the start of an
American Energy Scout program!

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Day #5: NY -- The Big Apple

"If I can make it there

I'll make it anywhere
It's up to you
New York, New York"



Well, what can we say ... we just loved New York! On our last day and after we've had a long week with many talks about energy efficiency and we started spreading the news even to the US we did some sightseeing in the Big Apple -- and walked -- and walked --- and walked...


If you want to know what we've seen just take a look at the pictures. Enjoy!

Strolling through the Big Apple...

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Day #6: Saying goodbye!

Saying goodbye is never easy!

We had a long week but we enjoyed every second of it!

Of course it was fun to visit the Big Apple - but most importantly we were able to do something really meaningful: We distributed our message of energy efficiency and had many interesting discussions. We really hope that we helped to plant the seed of more energy efficiency and look forward to seeing its further growth!

Even though our journey to the US is over we will keep you posted about upcoming events and hope that you enjoyed following our trip.

Eva-Maria, Lukas and Timo :-)

Energy Scouts to the rescue!

Three Energy Scouts to the rescue!


We think we have the responsibility and the means to protect our environment. Energy efficiency is one big step into the right direction. With the Energy Scout program companies can save a lot of costs and do something to change the world for the better: save energy!

We loved our mission as ambassadors of energy efficiency and will continue doing so -- it doesn't matter if we are in NY or at home in Germany.





And if you want to you can do your part of saving energy. Take a look at our first suggestions...

Back home in Germany -- and on TV!

After our great trip to the US as official Energy Scouts we had a couple of days to recover from our jetlag until we had our next appointment as ambassadors of energy efficiency. The German TV broadcasting cooperation SWR (Southwest Broadcasting) sent a film crew to our headquarters in Mulfingen (Germany) to shoot a documentary about ebm-papst. Our work as Energy Scouts and our journey to the USA will be a part of this documentary which will be aired on October 7th 2015.

Therefore, we were filmed while checking our facility for any leaks and repairing them. We even were interviewed! We really felt like celebrities! :-)


Make sure to turn on the TV on October 7th and watch the ebm-papst documentary!


Being an Energy Scout even gets you on TV

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Feedback from our new friends

After we've talked so much about ourselves we would like to give our new friends the possibilities to tell their side of the story and what they think about our visit to the USA...

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Making headlines

A month ago we were getting ready for our great trip to the USA and we were exciting about our mission as ambassadors of energy effciency. Now we are back home in Germany and the media is still talking about our achievements. Today, we were on the centerfold of "Moritz" - a magazine from our region. :-)

Did you see us? :-)

Energy Scout meeting Minister of the Environment

Our Energy Scouts project is being met with overwhelming response!


Eva-Maria travelled all the way to Berlin to attend the presentation of awards by the “Mittelstandsinitiative Energiewende und Klimaschutz”, the German organization supporting our Energy Scouts project in general, and the one that also honored the best energy projects. In Berlin, Eva-Maria presented the Energy Scout concept and talked about the successful journey she and two other Energy Scouts from ebm-papst Mulfingen had taken to the USA recently. Concluding her presentation showing how productive the Energy Scouts work, she was proud to say that the response to our project is getting bigger and bigger – not just in Germany, but also overseas in the USA.

Apart from presenting the latest developments in the Energy Scout project at ebm-papst Germany, Eva-Maria also had the chance to meet Dr. Barbara Hendricks, the German Minister of the Environment, whose speech highlighted the benefits of having energy scouts in companies. According to Hendricks, these young people contribute to the development of a better and also a more productive future. In her opinion, enterprises can be rightly proud of their energy scouts as these youngsters invest a lot of time in learning additional skills on top of their ordinary apprenticeship. Dr. Eric Schweitzer, President of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIHK), pointed out that reducing their energy costs is essential for most companies. Moreover, he is of the opinion that the dual apprenticeship, culminating in the extraordinary achievements of the Energy Scouts, is a very decisive indicator of the innovative strength and competitiveness of the German economy.


At the end of a very busy day, we were very proud to see that our successful project made it to Berlin and even attracted the attention of our German Minister of the Environment, Dr. Barbara Hendricks!

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Energy Scouts meeting German politician Thomas Strobl

Our Energy Scouts Eva-Maria and Lukas met Thomas Strobl, state chairman of the CDU Baden-Württemberg. During his two-day internship at ebm-papst Eva-Maria and Lukas told him more about the Energy Scout project and their successful journey to the US. The two experienced Energy Scouts explained him how to use the compressed air measuring device and the thermal imaging camera – the two major instruments they use in order to find and repair leaks in the production unit.


Eva-Maria and Lukas really did a great job in sharing their project with yet another German politician!

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Energy Scouts welcoming new trainees

Welcome to our company ebm-papst!

The Energy Scouts Eva-Maria and Lukas informed the next generation of trainees at ebm-papst about their job as Energy Scout. They presented the idea of the project and also talked about their interesting journey to the US. Furthermore, they showed and explained the tools they use to find leaks in the production units. The new trainees were very curious and listened very interested.

We wish them all the best for their traineeships and a lot of success working at ebm-papst! :-D

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Energyscouts meet NEAzubis

Eva-Maria presented the Energy Scout project at the IHK Heilbronn-Franken event "Energyscouts meet NEAzubis".

For more information please go to www.heilbronn.ihk.de

New Energy Scout video

           Our Energy Scouts Eva-Maria, Timo and Lukas made their very first YouTube video.

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Energy Scout meet Minster-President

Our Energy Scouts continue their work as ambassadors of energy efficiency!

Last week Eva-Maria had the chance to meet Winfried Kretschmann, Minister-President of the German state Baden-Württemberg. Eva-Maria explained to him the importance of saving energy and what the Energy Scouts are actually doing. Keeping in mind that Winfried Kretschmann is the first Minister-President of the Green Party we are convinced that he was quite impressed by the Energy Scouts' work.



Energy Scouts win Automotive Global Award

First international award for the Energy Scouts

The Energy Scouts are proud recipients of the “Apprenticeship Programme of the Year” Award at the fourth Automotive Supply Chain Global Awards. Held in the sumptuous surroundings of Claridge’s

Hotel, London with nearly 200 guests in attendance, ebm-papst was announced as the company which had the most comprehensive, exciting and beneficial apprenticeship programme, demonstrating dedication to training, learning and sharing of information to a new generation for the benefit of the industry as a whole.

“This project demonstrates that clearly focused environmental awareness can improve competitiveness for an organisation whilst supporting the responsible development of our next generation,” commented the judging panel.

Energy Scout Eva - who went to London to receive the award - stated: "We're proud that we are able to prevent energy losses and to help reduce energy costs. We are delighted to receive this award and hope that it will promote our project. We have to start reducing our energy consumption now to protect our resources - even if it's in small steps. That's because the world's population will continue to grow and the conflicts over resources will become more acute"

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German Vice Chancellor meets Energy Scouts

Changing the world for the better!


Once again the Energy Scouts had the chance to further promote their project. Last Friday German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel paid ebm-papst in Mulfingen a visit. Part of this official visit was a discussion with Energy Scout Eva. She explained Sigmar Gabriel the reasons for the Energy Scout project and talked to him about the importance of climate protection and of giving younger generations the possibility to change the world for the better.


German Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Sigmar Gabriel was quite impressed by her dedication and stated during his visit: “Today, yet another company has been able to convince me that it understands how to develop high-quality, sustainable, and above all, energy-efficient products, and maintain its market leadership in the face of strong international competition. ebm-papst not only achieves this with innovative ideas, but also with the successful digitalization of its manufacturing processes. The company's idea of using its apprentices as Energy Scouts is also very progressive."



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Energy Scouts receive yet another award






Lisa Bahr, who was one of the very first Energy Scouts back in 2010, gladly received another award for the project. DENEFF, the German company initiative for energy savings (Deutsche Unternehmens-initiative Energieeffizienz e.V.), awarded the project for its contribution to climate protection.